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After the Tower of Babel, which seems to be injected only to show how different languages came about, it is just a series of family trees. I think that back in the day, much like a lot of cultures which are still around, use their ancestry as a type of resume. Its interesting, really, because the good deeds of your ancestors don’t necessarily mean that you are going to be good yourself. Think about this, a great majority of todays youths are having a hard time making ends meet, and still in their thirties are living at home or with family members. There was even an article that I read that stated flat out, that todays working force are not able to work, even though they very much want to. These are people with college degrees, and heavy debt strapped to their backs, and yet, there is no work. I am sad to admit it, but I am including myself in this group. I have a year of teaching under my belt. I moved away to be closer to family. I applied for all three jobs currently being offered in my field. I had the perfect resume, the addressed cover letter, the essay that the job requested to even apply for the job, everything. Over 100 people applied for the job. Only 20 got interviewed. I didn’t even get a thank you letter.
So when the Bible lists and lists all the lines of generation, it meant something to the time. It also shows the progression of time. I think this is an excellent way to point out the differences between then and now. Nobody cared that my father is Plumber, or that his father was Polyamourous. These things don’t matter in this day and age. Well, unless somebody needs a Plumber, then I get a friendly phone call. Times have changed, and I think people need to understand the cultural differences in the Bible. We have one wife now, not seven. That is a difference. We don’t put too much value in our ancestory. We don’t have goats in our backyards. We live in cities, have technology and greater means of travel.
I often see people protesting the ways of others on streets. Far removed from creating awareness, they cultivate hate and intolerance. all in the name of the Bible, God, and Jesus. But if they had read this book, for real, not just blurbs and bits, but the whole book, I think that they will see that the God in this book is all about the love of man. So far, there is no hate. Even when he wiped out all but Noah and his family, he did it with a heavy heart. Even after, he was ashamed and promised never to do it again. He felt bad for punishing the human race.
Now here is the thing, as an outlyer, I see all the atrocities carried out in his name. The excuse is it is what God wants. Except he promised. He promised to not kill off a certain group of people. He promised. That does not give man the right to carry out atrocities in his name. If man does that, they are putting themselves in God’s shoes, deifying themselves as gods. They are asserting themselves above the word of God. Putting words in God’s mouth. But this is not, nor has ever been God, the notion of God, or even the Bible’s teaching. God is above the laws of man. But man is not.
I feel as though I may have gotten a bit off topic.
Continuing on, I see that many of the persons in the Bible married their first cousins. We all know what happens when we marry our close relatives, and indeed, right here in the Bible it talks about a woman who is unable to conceive children. But it is in the Bible, so it must be ok. I suppose that is where I was going with the above writings. A lot of this is a account of liniage. This was important to man, not God, he knew is children. This is what man finds important. While the Bible has good lessons, and may be a testament of history, I think it important to remember that it was a human hand who wrote the words. Humans have opinions and beliefs which can be inserted around God’s message.

Weird blog, I know, and not inline with the rest, but seeing as the Hobby Lobby verdict came out, I find it both socially and DIAblog relevant.

I find it pretty incredible that you are finding God’s love in the old testament. Most people read the old testament blindly and only see how harsh and violent God is. They don’t look deeper into the reasons for his actions, which are all based on love, because God IS love. So I’m very happy to see that you are understanding this.

There is a facebook page someone made where they pose as God. It’s named God, and they have a silly picture of God, and it’s basically a mockery. It’s pretty dang disrespectful, but I’ve seen some of the things posted there and I can’t help but laugh. Curse my sense of humor! Anyways, the page is filled with comments, half of which are other athiests having fun mocking God, and the other half are believers, hate filled believers. They go on this guys page with this intense hate telling the guy he’s going to hell, cursing him, and threatening him. It’s sad how misguided so many faithful believers are, and how easily we let our raging emotions cloud Gods love and because of our actions, turn people further and further from Him.

I have seen the page you are referring too. Yes, he may be an atheist, but I think it worth noting that the page in question never outright mocks God. He mocks certain believers. Yes, I agree his methodology may be a little crude, but many times I feel he kinda had a point. It is the people who preached God’s hate that false god was protesting. False god’s ultimate point was if you are preaching hate, then you don’t know God. Have you also noted that he calls out people who claim to be believers and follow the Bible and Jesus’s teachings, but come at him with hate? He says that this type of behavior is not what is preached in the Bible and is a direct contrast to what is preached? I love that about his page.


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