Ch. 7-9: This Flood is Coming, I Swear

So God told Noah, the righteous, to get on the ark, but here is where it gets a little wonky. At first God is all: a male and female of all the animals, but then he talks about getting 7 pairs of every animal? Is it 2 by 2 or 7 by 7? Not only that, but God is making a distinction between clean and unclean animals. How does one know if an animal is clean or unclean?
So, they are on this big ol’ boat, all the animals are onboard, (I decided to get to the good part. Moving this along a little. I kinda want to get to the new testament sometime in the relatively near future) and then God Himself shut the door to the ark to make sure the last creatures on earth are safe from his wrath.
Float. Float. Float… Rain for 40 days and 40 nights… I certainly hope there was a little divine Dramamine.
Then the water receded after 150 days. So it doesn’t quite happen like the cartoons used to say, it actually takes time for the earth to reclaim that much water. Also, Noah and those on the ark are the only ones that remain on the planet. God remembers Noah and his entourage, and turns off the divine spigot. Noah opens a window, and lets a raven fly,but it kept coming back because there was no place to go. Not believing the lying black bird he sends out a dove. The dove concurred with the raven’s assessment and came back. After another week, he sent out the dove again. This time, a fresh olive branch came back with the dove (because we all know fully grown olive trees burst forth in a week). A week after that, he let the dove out and it didn’t come back. It was probably pretty sick of being stuck on a big boat with lots of other creatures, and cats of all sizes.
Finally, after a year, the ship lands on the earth again and upon God’s permission everyone gets out. Since God has just wiped out everything, He makes a covenant, or promise to Noah. God tells Noah that he will never again make a planet wide flood and wipe out all of existance. God also grants all the animals to be food for humans, though we cannot eat of animals which are still living. So you gotta kill your food before you eat it. I’m a little worried about this one, because I have eaten live bugs on accident. Do those count? This is marginally worrisome. God also says there is an accounting of blood, and don’t kill humans. Human blood matters, nothing else. So if a shark kills a human, humans now have the right to go out and kill the shark that killed the human.
To prove that he wouldn’t ever kill everything again, he gave us a rainbow. I like rainbows. I don’t like genocide. I think this was a win win in my book.

Now here is a thing. Science has confirmed that there was a flood on this planet. In the strata of the crust of the earth there is evidence of giant flood. Also in most theologies, there is a story of a great flood. So there is all sorts of evidence to support these particular chapters. Also, In the very spot that the ark was to be rested, scientist have excavated what they believe is the very ark! Holy cow! Proof? Here: now thats kinda interesting! Where they thought the ark would be is exactly where anchient remains of a big ass boat are laying! Holy Crap!

The several pairs of clean and unclean animals were for sacrifices and other things that are all laid out in the coming books of the bible where God gives the Israelites the laws. Again, the writer of Genesis leaves that part out because they already had their writings of all those laws. No need to rewrite them in the story of origins.

I like how u found evidence for this chapter. The Bible isn’t just a book of metaphorical stories ment to teach us good morals and junk like that. It is a book of testamonies. Historical events written and passed down through Jewish and Christian culture. Incredibly accurate and nearly unaltered through Gods preservation for us to find and see His glory. If you take the time to look, you will find a lot of evidence for many of the stories of the Bible. There is also a lot that is difficult for us to try to find because it lies in territories that people aren’t welcome to, like Saudi Arabia, but that’s a whole other story.


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