Chapter 6: Wickedness in the World, and Noah and the Flood

Ok, wickedness!!!!! Now it is starting to get good! Bring on the sinning!!! Punishment!!!! Not that I’m a curmudgeon, but at least a little sin will make it good. Its like the action packed part of the Bible! Where is John McClaine? Rambo!!! WOO HOO!!!

A couple things about this chapter. I think it actually goes along with Ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman Mythology. Here is what I mean: In the beginning of this chapter, there are a few human type races. there were plain humans, which is different somehow from mankind. So mankind and humans were breeding together, to keep the incest at a minimum. Prophet an I actually had a talk about this once, as in are they marrying their sisters. I figured it out. Adam and Eve were the first of MANKIND, not humans. Cain, Abel and Seth did not marry their sisters, they married some random humans. (So for the people who are against interracial marriages, God started it! I think he’d be ok with it.) Anyway, Humans, mankind (the chosen ones), and Nephilim (which seem to be like super heros, less than God, but more than humans. Kinda like a mankind rough draft. Nephilim were also giants.). I think this kinda goes hand in hand a bit with science and Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest.” It is exactly a religious version of evolution. Evolution seems to be in the Bible, if you really read it verbatim.

So Mankind, Nephilim and humans were all creating children with each other. When Mankind and Nephilim produced a child, the results were the heroes of the past. They are not named directly, but Hercules, Jason, and all these stories of heroes of the past are the children. Human daughters were beautiful! Like seriously hot, and because people were living so long, and making so many babies, God decided that enough was enough, and that 120 years old was plenty.

Heres the thing though. All these people, with no rules, going all crazy like, having keggers and orgies and getting up to all sorts of no good, decided that the world was pretty darn sucky. Now, I have talked to many parents, as most of my friends have children, and not a single one of them regrets having children. I have however heard them wish they could pull a Homer and strangle them, or regret how they had lost control of them. I have heard them say that they regret having them, but then I see cheesy pictures of their kids and a soliloquy of how wonderful their children are the best thing that has ever happened to them. Well, God had created Mankind and all the other types of humans, and decided that this was just a bad move. Things had escalated out of control, as thousands of monkeys on the planet are want to do. So God decided that the human race had to be grounded, so he decided to eradicate them in the biggest show of genocide in history. All must die. Except that one guy. He’s cool.

Yaaaa this is a really difficult and hard to explain chapter. Maybe one of the hardest….. I don’t think there were different human types. I think the sons of God were something like angels. The Nephilim I think were also a heavenly type of being inhabiting the earth at that time. The sons of God being angels, having children with humans, would make sense in producing heroes of old.

Now onto the difficult part of explaining Gods “regret” or “repentance” in creating humans… It’s not that He made a mistake… If God makes a mistake, then he cannot be God, for God is perfect. The best way I’ve found this to be explained is that His creation of man had grown so wicked and intolerable that God grieved in his heart that his creation displeased him. And just like if we were to say…. make a painting, and we were displeased with it, we would turn from it, get rid of it, and start a new. Eh, I’m not too fancy on that explanation, but I think it gets the point across.

I get what you are saying, but history has proven that there are different lines of humans in the world. We have fossilized records to confirm this. There is a distinction of wording in the Bible which makes it sound like 2 different species. Mankind is the chosen line, and humans are the fodder. I agree with your idea of the Nephilim, angels, gods but not God. We are singing the same line in the same song just a harmonizing note.

I don’t have an idea of gods, not sure what you mean. And what about God do you not agree with?

So, lets say the humans, a gullible lot, meet up with a giant nephilim. It has already been said that they were giants, like Hera, Zeus and Aphrodite. So if these ancient gods were really nephilim, then the Bible actually mentions them, and their purpose, origin and explains why they are no longer around. It’s not that I don’t agree with God, or anything about him, well, so far anyway. Anyway, ONWARD!!!


Okay, this is more like the mythology I can get into.  Nice and weird: creatures coming out of the woodwork, random humanoids, etc.  What I’m still missing is talking animals.  Being a litigious American, I want to know why God didn’t come up with a better solution to this whole sin thing.  It’s pretty reckless when we’re dealing with eternity.  Maybe I’m just more of a planner than God is.  

Also, to lighten things up, I thought it was pretty important that I include this video:

I think, and I may be wrong, that the reason why he didn’t come up with a flat out fix for the sin that others were committing is because he wanted his creations to use all that fancy tree learning and figure it out for themselves, much like I inflict on my students when they “don’t get it.” I steer them in the right direction, and show them where they can find the answer, but ultimately it is up to the kids to figure it out and show each other the answers and reasons.

I agree about the talking animals, but I think, since this book is considered to be the truth in some eyes, talking animals would make it look unbelievable and confirm the mythology idea. That being said, I do believe there is a serious dearth of talking Honey Badgers in all things everywhere.

LOL @ that video. So bad haha. Okay, hmm….. Well I guess when you have to deal with an entire planet full of completely wicked creatures, whose every inclination in the thoughts of their hearts was only evil all the time… Which means their hearts were hardened. There was no saving them, they were too far gone from God. Without taking away peoples freewill, I’m not sure there is a way to save what can’t be saved… What doesn’t even deserve to be saved?… What doesn’t even want to be saved?… Thankfully there was one Righteous man left that God found favor in… And thankfully God was merciful enough to save him and now here we are, alive, and given the chance to spend eternity with God. I know one thing, I’m going to do everything I can not to blow it.

I thought the the great thing about God was that he’s into forgiveness.  (Or is that more of a New Testament thing?)  These “hardened” wicked folks sound like a spell has been put on them, so it’s time to flood them all with some bathwater and start over.  

You must repent to be forgiven. If you are truly sorry in your heart, and really do want to turn from your sins, God will always forgive you.

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