Chapter 5 From Adam to Noah

And so starts the most boring Chapter thus far. Its a family line. This is some seriously boring family tree stuff.

Here goes!

First, a recap of God creating man, and calling them mankind. POOF! You’re a man! That was Adam and Eve. They had Cain and Abel, and because THAT turned out so well, had a few more kids. Seth to replace poor Abel. They had Seth at 130 years old. Take that Mother Nature! Adam and Eve were a frisky lot, because they lived 930 years total, and had lots of other sons and daughters. Then he died.

Seth was apparently the chosen son, because the line continues with him, and he, at 105, had a son named Enosh, who was apparently the chosen son. Seth lived 912 years total, and had lots of sons and daughters. Then he died.

Enosh had his first son at 90, Kenan, had many sons and daughters until he was 905. Then, he died.

Kenan had his first son at 70, Mahalalel, had other sons and daughters, and then died at 910.

Mahalalel was 65 when he had his first son, Jared. He had children until he was 895 years old. Then he died.

Seriously, this is an abridged version of what is happening. This is some seriously boring stuff. I will continue because it continues. Sigh.

Jared had Enoch at 162, (I’m guessing he shot out daughters until then, or all the other sons sucked because that is twice the age of his forefathers to get a chosen son…) lived till 962 having even more children, probably more girls, then died.

Enoch had Methuselah at 65, and had many other sons and daughters. But there is something special about Enoch, because it emphasizes that he walked with God for 300 years. I am assuming he was very devout? What sayest thou, Prophet? “Walking with God?” What does that even mean? He also lived the shortest so far, because he dies at 365 years old. But not just any death because he was plucked from the earth by God himself. So Enoch was special. Don’t know why, but he was special.

Methuselah had Lamech at 187, lived and made babies until 969, then died.

Finally, when Lamech was 182, he had a son he named Noah. Noah was special because Lamech decided that Noah was the savior of his family. Upon his birth, Lamech was heard to say, “(Noah) will comfort us in the labor and painful toil of our hands caused by the ground The Lord has cursed.” No pressure.

Oh, Lamech lived until 777 years, had many more sons and daughters, then died.

Noah was 500 years old when he had his sons (triplets?) Shem, Ham and Japheth.

That is all. Kind of a crappy way to end a chapter. No transitions. Repetitive. All in all, so far the worst written chapter in the book. I hope it gets better. It couldn’t have just given a picture? A tree with lineage? Ugh. I hope the next chapter is better.

Yuuup it’s definitely boring. BUT! It’s also pretty dang awesome at the same time. There are a lot of things God left out of the Bible that leave us all wondering. Thankfully though, He at least lets us see where and who we all came from, which is very cool in my opinion.

The Jewish community are awesome for still knowing their roots to this day. A born Jew turn Christian, from my church for example, knows and can trace his lineage enough to know he’s from the tribe of Levi. I think that’s the coolest thing. Knowing he’s from the Israelite tribe of Levi, he can then trace all the way back to Adam because of the Bible.

As for Enoch, he simply was, just as you said, a very devout follower of God. And if I had to guess, probably the only one at the time, aside from his descendants to Noah. Just as many walk with Christ today, the same saying applies here, as in walking faithfully. Walking the spiritual path of God. And God taking him I believe is similar to how God takes and buries Moses. Which the Bible says no one ever knew where. Same thing with God taking Elijah in a whirlwind of fire on a chariot w/ horses. They didn’t go to heaven with God, but were swept up by God, and placed somewhere else unknown to us on earth.

I know it’s crazy boring sometimes… but it serves it’s purpose. God didn’t give us the Bible to entertain us, but to educate us of the Truth. The Old Testament is very tedious in a few areas. The New Testament is the truly good stuff. I can’t wait till then……..


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