Pragmatist Premieres

Hi there, pals.  I, your friendly Pragmatist, have finally gotten my ass in gear and introduced myself in the first post below.  I am going to go through and add comments in the posts I’ve already missed, and do my reading.  Stay tuned for our next chapter, which Puzzled has promised soon.  

Woohoo!!! Very nice to meet you Pragmatist. Well, this is pretty far from formally meeting you, but it’ll have to do for now. I promise to try my best to be as gentle and respectful as possible in all our disagreements lol.

Oh my good golly gosh! How cute are we three P’s! Its so nice to have all of us here finally!!! When I get back, we are all three of us going for a beverage of some sort, be it alcoholic, caffeinated or something in the in the middle. Pragmatist, you should totally bring your Partner! <-get it??


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